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Your Ultimate Guide to a Perth Winter Wedding | Inspired Winter Weddings

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Your Ultimate Guide to a Perth Winter Wedding | Inspired Winter Weddings

Spring and summer weddings are always very popular, but there is a lot to be said for a Perth winter wedding. When you are looking at setting a date for your big day, don’t overlook the months between May to August as you can find magic in the cooler months.

While these months might be wetter (yes, there’s often a 50 to 70 per cent chance of rain) the weather is a lot more predictable. There’s less chance of a cyclone derailing your wedding day, or having to deal with other freak weather events. You can also just about be guaranteed beautiful, lush, green backdrops thanks to the rain, making for a stunning setting and gorgeous wedding photos. Perth also has an enviable winter climate – the weather is usually mild and pleasant with maximum temperatures between 16 and 22 degrees.


Top 4 Pros of a Perth Winter Wedding:

✅ Not having to deal with heat.

Hot weather isn’t for everyone at the best of times. On your wedding day, it can make wearing formal gowns and suits feel heavy uncomfortable. Many brides can spend the day stressing about sweat (makeup melting off, heat and sweat ruining their hair!) Hot days also mean many of your guests won’t have a good time. It can be particularly difficult for elderly relatives who would normally avoid the heat during the day.

✅ More chance of scoring the wedding vendors you love.

If you have found a venue, a florist, a photographer you absolutely love, there’s a good chance they’ll be fully booked in advance if you choose a date at a traditionally busy time of year for weddings. Setting a date for winter increases the chance that you’ll be able to work with them.

✅ Fewer flies, bugs, and other things.

When you’re thinking summer weddings you might not think about having swarms of flies descend and annoy your guests (and cause havoc for your wedding photographer who will often try to remove hundreds of flies from your white dress in many photos). There’s less likelihood of flies in Perth in the winter months. The same goes for mosquitoes, which can be particularly savage in summer (nobody wants to spend their wedding day being eaten alive!). And snakes are also less active in winter, meaning there’s less chance of crossing paths with one while you’re out taking your wedding pics.

✅  A more convenient date.

Let’s face it – the summer months can be extremely hectic for everyone with lots of parties, end-of-year commitments, the festive season and summer holidays. Not only will a winter wedding help you to avoid putting pressure on yourself at this time of year, it means less chance for your guests to have double-booked social engagements. And going forward, your wedding anniversary will be at a time of year that is clear from these events for you too.

Planning Your Winter Wedding


So how do you pull off a Winter Wedding in Perth without a hitch? We, with a team of experts in the industry, pulled together some advice when it comes to organizing vendors for your:

  • Venues
  • Dresses
  • Flowers
  • Photography
  • Styling

 So grab some wine (or a coffee) and get ready to be inspired!


Perth Indoor Wedding Venues

Perth Winter Weddings - Barrett Lane Wedding Venue

by Monica Cugnier Photography

We are spoilt for choice regarding venues in Perth and South Western Australia. From winery estates to chic inner city warehouses and grand ballrooms we have something for everyone. The trick is finding what venue will suit your vision and at the same time be suitable for wet weather.

Kate O’Keefe from Hitched by Kate, one of Perth’s much-loved Celebrants has been in the industry for many years. Kate has helped couples with their wedding no matter what season it is and shares the following advice with Perth couples considering a winter wedding;

I always encourage both indoor and outdoor options but also just to be flexible and go with the flow. I’ve had torrential rain and we just had to push the ceremony back and enjoy listening to the rain. It’s all part of the fun”.

Look for a venue that can provide a cosy, intimate, and romantic environment regardless of what mother nature is planning, that way you won’t be stressed.

Some great winter wedding venues you should check out are:

Wineries & Estates

Barrett Lane in the Swan Valley has a stunning function room surrounded by windows, so that even if it is sheeting with rain that will just enhance the cosy ambience inside.

Darlington Estate in the same region also offers floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views outside, and a charming rustic interior, making it a popular choice in the winter months.

Inner City

Perth City Farm has a range of different indoor options, from a huge rustic barn through to a stylish art room. You could also have a cosy and intimate winter wedding at the eclectic Old Laundry or Vin & Flower.

Distribution Lane or Moore and Moore Cafe in Fremantle are amazing options too if you are based south of the river.
South West

If you want to go further afield into the southwest of the state, there are plenty of other great options to consider. Caves House at Yallingup is a vintage, art-deco-inspired venue perfect for small to mid-sized weddings with a cosy fireplace.

If you want a farm-style wedding venue, ok at Solitaire Homestead in Naturaliste. And for a smaller coastal wedding, Bunkers Beach House at Bunkers Bay will have you enjoying a cosy open fireplace while taking in stunning views of the Indian Ocean.


Shopping for a wedding dress

Perth Winter Wedding - Wedding dress from Oxford Bridal

by Monica Cugnier Photography

Since you’re not likely to suffer through a 40-degree day with a winter wedding, you can make the most of weightier fabrics such as velvet, brocade, and silk mikado.

The ladies at Oxford Bridal in Leederville Perth told us,

Long sleeve dresses are always beautiful for a winter wedding and some dresses have detachable sleeves”

 You can cover more of yourself in beautiful fabrics and patterns.

Winter long-sleeved wedding dresses become very popular since William and Kate tied the knot, but they can be very impractical in the Australian heat.

However, Oxford Bridal also suggests that,

“If long sleeves are not you, there are always gorgeous fur jackets or capes available to compliment your dress, you can add some colour with these items because they come in many beautiful colours to suit any theme”.


Perth Winter Weddings - Barrett Lane Swan Valley

by Monica Cugnier Photography

Perth Winter Wedding - Fur Coat for Bride

By Freedom Garvey Photographer

For your bridesmaids, long sleeves are also a great option.

You can also use their dresses to pay tribute to the colder weather and create a mood using textures and colours reflecting winter tones.

Perth Winter Weddings - bridesmaid dresses Linga Longa

by The Road West Photographer


Winter Wedding Flowers

Toffee and warm floral BRIDAL BOUQUET - Perth Winter Wedding

by Monica Cugnier Photography

Fresh and dried wedding bouquet - winter wedding

To create the perfect floral arrangements and bouquets for your winter wedding, it’s best to work closely with your florist and be open to them sourcing seasonal flowers. This will help you to save on costs as many floral varieties need to be imported during the winter months.

For our experience at Boho Blooms, popular choices in winter often feature warm and earthy tones like toffees and burgundy. You can also include darker foliage and layer the arrangements with many textures.

Consider dried or preserved florals – they’re quite popular around the year, even in winter, and they can come in cooler and more natural tones to suit a monotone or modern wedding.


Dried preserved wedding bouquets - Perth Winter Wedding

by Jacqueline Photographer


Wedding Photography Tips

Perth Winter Weddings | Boho Blooms Perth

by Monica Cugnier Photography

The days are shorter in winter. Less daylight means less time on your wedding day for outdoor photos. In Perth on the shortest day of the year (June solstice) sunsets about 5:20 pm. This is around four hours less daylight than you’ll get on the longest day in December. Work with your wedding photographer to create the perfect wedding day timeline that factors this in.

Monica from Monica Cugnier Photography provided the following advice:

“Be prepared for anything! Dress accordingly and have a coat, have an umbrella, and don’t let the rain dampen the mood rather planf or it and have fun!” 

You might want to consider taking photos before the ceremony (such as a first look) or have a ceremony earlier in the day leaving plenty of time afterwards for photos before it gets dark. Beware that your family/group photos after the ceremony can eat into your photography time considerably, leaving little time for your bridal party portraits as you run out of light if you’re having a 3 or 4 pm ceremony.

Overcast days provide the perfect light for wedding photographers to take outdoor photos just about anywhere, so they can really get creative. And if it rains, embrace it! Work with your photographer to find alternative locations to take photos, or use props like umbrellas and gumboots to take some fun images.

Styling Your Winter Wedding

Perth Winter Weddings - Boho Blooms & Oborne Weddings

by Monica Cugnier Photography

Winter weddings lend themselves perfectly to some of the current styling trends we’re seeing in weddings.

Kate from Hitched by Kate suggests taking advantage of the theme and do “Things that you can’t have/do in other seasons”. For example:

  • Clear umbrellas
  • Faux fur rugs and coats
  • Long sleeve dresses
  • Warm soups
  • Firepit & marshmallows

Oborne Weddings Events says a popular Autumn and Winter styles is Scandi and Boho weddings. These are very popular at the moment and feature natural colours, whites, rugs and faux furs being added so they don’t seem too cold. Fire pits can also be used to warm the outdoor spaces.

Perth Winter Wedding - Fire pits

Perth Winter Wedding - Umbrellas

By Keegan Wong Photography

Cosy and rich colour schemes such as burgundies with moody tones work very well with vintage weddings, and vintage accessories such as furs and darker lip colours and bridesmaid dresses will keep that warm pop of colour going.

If you’re not having a styling theme per se, you can still opt for winter-friendly colours. Toffees and blushes give a nice autumnal tone without being too dramatic.

Can you save money on winter weddings?

Absolutely! Many couples find that they can make significant savings on things like venue hire by booking in the winter months when there is less competition for the date. Other vendors may offer Perth winter wedding packages if they are not busy – it’s best to check with them first, of course.

For example, Darlington Estate as a venue charges half the venue hire fee in winter and has a lower minimum guest requirement making the pricing extremely competitive.

Moore and Moore Cafe offer discounts for their winter packages during June, July & August

Other vendors such as furniture hire and photographers may too have discounts depending on their availability and packages.

At the end of the day, you can have a magical inspired Perth Winter Wedding and still enjoy the same loving feels as summer weddings do.


If you would like to get in touch with any of or recommended winter wedding vendors please see below:


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Kae O’Keeffe at Hitched by Kate



Monica from Monica Cugnier Photography



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