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The big question new brides are either thinking (or some dare ask out loud)…

Why are wedding flowers so expensive?

I want to shed some light on this question because I once asked the same question many years ago before I decided to start my own events florist business. So having been a Bride asking the very same question and now sitting on the other side of the fence providing my Brides with their special day blooms, I am able to reflect and answer that question for you 🙂 Heart to heart.


I just want to establish that I don’t want anyone to think this is a post complaining about the labour and costs, in fact, it’s just a snapshot of the reality. I personally LOVE the logistics of the whole process and the journey. I love the early trips to the flower markets, I obsess over flower sourcing, colour matching and discovering new flowers and most of all… I love seeing how happy we make brides. It does come with very (VERY!) hard labour. The most labour I have experienced in all my careers. I have worked in event management and running conferences all over the country but this by far has been the most gruelling career path I took but also the MOST rewarding.


Engagement Party Why wedding flowers are so expensive

We live in Perth Western Australia, it’s not only hot most of the year and dry but we are also the most isolated city in the world. So this reflects on

  • The price of flowers
  • What’s available to us
  • Keeping them alive!

What surprises many of my clients is that most of the flowers we source and use are not all from WA, and in fact, many roses are from Keyna & Ecuador. Simply because we don’t grow them here and what is, availability is very limited compared to the demand of the industry. We also get plenty from over east which we are lucky but it ads and ads to the costs to do business here. So we live in a difficult climate and expensive city to work with lush fresh flowers.


Boho Blooms Perth- Why wedding flowers are so expensive

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the Events Florists journey for a clients wedding. This is what actually happens before you see our beautiful work on Instagram.

Before we go down that path, I’ll use another scenario, one most people would be more familiar with: The cafe owner.

The cafe owner doesn’t simply wake up, drive to the coffee shop and start making coffee and go home. There are hours behind the scenes where they have to source and order the coffee they need (let’s not forget about testing!). They also have to follow up and make sure they have enough stock for the expected clients, they have to maintain, replace and clean the equipment and the shop, they have to make sure staff are available and paid with careful budgeting. They are normally the first in the door before it opens and are there well after the doors close.

This is no different for florists.


  • Custom quoting every bride and consults which easily take around 3 -4 hours on average, some more. We take the time to understand the goal of our clients, their budget and what we can provide within the season they tend to get married in.
  • Meeting with new clients outside work hours – Remember we work 7 days a week, which includes weekends so have few spots to cater for meetings outside regular 9-5 workplaces.
  • Doing up mood boards, often more than 1 and making multiple adaptions to quotes till we have a customised quote the client is happy with.


  • Follow up a schedule with each Bride 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and 1 week before their big day.
  • Updating and changing quotes to suit changes to their event order & confirming outstanding details.
  • Planning and sourcing Flowers locally and internationally.
  • Cost checking, and re-costing and updating budget to meet the fluctuations in the market which are constant.
  • Checking harvest, the weather where harvest come from and availabilities to keep on top of what may be available in a few months.
  • Placing various orders and working out the timings and schedules best suited for what products to be received.
  • Connecting with vendors and venue coordinators to make sure our schedules suit once another – working out the bump in and out.
  • Checking stock and styling items are cleaned and sufficient for an upcoming wedding.


  • Early starts around 4 – 5 am to either collect flowers from suppliers before the heat of the day depending on the products sourced.
  • The cost of keeping the flowers fresh, conditioned and cool
  • Prepping the flowers multiple times that week (cutting, snipping and spraying and yes sometimes bathing them!
  • Creating your flowers for the wedding which are about 2.5 days of long long hours sometimes well into the early hours of the morning

This is how some of our products arrive, wrapped up tight having travelled for many days to get to Perth. They need hydrating, pruning, feeding, a stem bath ( yes that’s a thing) and we need to condition them to fulling blooms before the wedding day BUT not too fast so they are not fresh or due on the day. its very tricky

Why wedding flowers are so expensive



  • Checking, tweaking, wrapping, twining and packing products ready for transport to make sure they are secure, well-watered and cool.
  • Travel to and from where the bridal party is getting ready to deliver the bouquets
    Delivery to the groomsmen for their buttonholes
  • Travel to and from the venues
  • Time spent installing and setting up the flowers at the venue which can bet anywhere between 2-6 hours or more!
  • Return next day to pack down the event and transport items home
  • Cleaning and disposal of flowers
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all buckets, vases, candleholders, tools and surfaces in the studio ready for next client deliveries

And all the above doesn’t even include the expenses of running a business, paying my admin staff, extra contractors, fuel and so much more when it comes to taking care of my brides. oh and then we pay ourselves at the very end.

So is it easy now to see how the average wedding flowers takes 50-60 hours to organise?

You can download our guide below to get to know a little more about us, our packages and what we need from you to help make your dream blooms part of your wedding day 🙂