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Top 9 Statement Wedding Flowers for 2021

If you are set to tie the knot next year, the chances are you are starting to plan every single detail for that big event. Of course, the wedding basics should be on your list such as the scrumptious and elegantly-looking cake, a white lace wedding dress, and the wedding rings to seal the deal.

Flower trends may come and go as the time passes. For instance, the lush greens and native foliage are here to stay. We don’t think that the ever-popular palm leaves will lose its momentum. However, you can now say goodbye to pastels. Don’t stress yourself just yet. We are about to predict the 9 statement wedding flowers that will shine in 2019.

Top Statement Wedding Flowers 2019

King Protea

Going back to what I previously mentioned, the pastel and copper flower trend will not be as sought after as it was 3 years ago. Bolder and brighter colours will soon take over. These will include oranges, reds, and jewel tones.

King Protea is native to Australia and Africa. It has a very unique and eye-catching look from its fuzzy centre with spiky petals to its variety of sizes and shades. The Protea stands out in a minimalist bouquet with its larger size compared to other flowers. Moreover, its colour ranging from rustic red and deep purple can make simple weddings come to life.




This classic wedding bouquet flower will not be out of style just yet! Peonies are versatile enough to suit formal affairs or rustic garden events. It can be paired with traditional flowers such as roses or with protease and wildflowers for a modern chic look.

Another reason why it’s so popular because they really make a statement. They are soft, fluffy and large giving a bouquet lots of texture and the feeling of beauty. Although not on the cheap side, you only need a few peonies to add a touch of WOW or accent alongside some cheaper flowers for the budget bride.

Peonies aren’t available all year long. They start to bloom in October and available from mid-October until mid-December. October and December weddings will have no shortage of these blossoms. Plus, did we mention that it’s the favourite flower of Duchess Meghan Markle?

Peonies also give that regal vibe that some of us dreamed of!

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Anthurium is a heart-shaped flower that originated from the Americas.

It has a strong distinct structure that is very appealing to the Victorian crowd. Best of all, anthuriums are available all year long and it can complement most flowers. You can pair the peachy-blushed-coloured anthurium with tropical foliage for an earthier look.

The only downside of choosing this unique flower is its cost. One stem per bouquet is incorporated in determining the price. For a more affordable option, arrange a few stems together with your selected colour theme. Keep the total number of flowers under 10. Pair the greens of anthurium and orchids to the Golden Mustard roses. This arrangement will create a tonal balance between cream and tropical colours.

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Birds of Paradise

A little less traditional but setting a Bright and fun vibe is the Birds of Paradise Blooms. This 2019 wedding bloom is also called ‘crane flowers’ because it looks like a bird’s beak. The colour of Birds of Paradise is bright that makes any wedding come to life.

Birds of Paradise is a symbol for delight, which we all want lasting marriages to be full of!

These blooms are perfect for an outdoor wedding because it adds colour and tropical feel to the big event. Together with orchids, it can be used in centrepieces during receptions. They bloom from September through May. Birds of Paradise is a must for summer and beach weddings.



Dahlia is a gorgeous flower with its structured soft ruffled petals. It comes in different forms and sizes with a wide variety of colours to choose from. You can opt for dark red burgundy tones, striking reds and pinks. Or, you can try subtle colours such as peach, lemons, and creams. These different colours can make your wedding bright festive or pretty and feminine.

Last year we saw the ‘Blush Dahlia’, skyrocket to popularity as it was new to the market but this coming wedding season we may see florists and brides opt for the earthy colours or purples even!

In Australia, dahlia season is from late December (or early January) to around April. There are also a lot of varieties of this flower such as the cactus dahlias and double dahlias. There are endless possibilities in using these blooms in weddings. You can put them in simple jars on a long table or in crowns.

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Whether you want a rustic outdoorsy event or a modernist wedding, ranunculus is a great start to build your bouquet around.

It comes with a variety of colours that build a solid palette together with other flowers. They also add some texture and some height levels to your bouquet as the fluffy but cute blooms are eye-catching and delicious to look at. So couple these with some magnificent garden roses along with some succulents even for a rustic but modern wedding bouquet.

The blooming season of the ranunculus is from January till May. It’s also important to remember that the stems of ranunculus are usually weak so you must be careful in arranging it.


Orchids represent refinement and glamour, which is perfect if you are aiming to have an elegant wedding. The orchid is one of the biggest flower families with 20,000 different types.

Phalaenopsis, also known as moth orchids, can be used in shower bouquet, or in hanging instalments which are still popular or chandelier table settings. They provide a great cascading element to any arrangement where its natural shape is emphasized.

This type of orchid looks great by themselves. However, Phalaenopsis is costlier than other blooms. It looks great as a statement bloom, so adding a touch of them here and there mixed with less expensive flowers such as roses or Singapore orchids.


Greenery has been a wedding favourite for a few years now. It is used as an accent to a bright bridal bouquet instead of the out-of-fashion pale blooms. Greenery is not limited to traditional leafy strands. You could also incorporate succulents and cacti in bouquets, boutonnieres and centrepieces.

Add succulents to your bouquet along with a combination of red, yellow, orange and purple flowers. Or, use this on your crown to make a big statement. Either way, succulents can bring a boho vibe to your event.


This flower symbolizes beauty and love. There are more than 3,000 varieties of roses and they are NOT going out of fashion for weddings anytime soon.

Roses come in a single-coloured or bicoloured, striped roses or tipped roses, and scented or unscented rose. Popular choices for 2019 in the golden toffee colours, Earl Gray, lilac or pale pink.

Not only is there a huge variety of colours but you will be surprised how many styles there are and how different they look. From large soft classic roses to fluffy David Austin roses or even the edgy Menta roses or Icebreaker varieties. The options are limitless.

The best news is most of them are available all year round.


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Wedding flowers are one of the top elements you need to source for your wedding day and there are so many blooms to choose from! A good place to start is to choose a colour pallet and some statement flowers suggested above and start chatting to your florist about your Wedding Flowers,