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Pros and Cons of Artificial Flowers

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Pros and Cons of Artificial Flowers

The Pros and Cons of Artificial Flowers, Dried Flowers & Fresh Flowers for Your Wedding

Your wedding flowers are one of the things that you and your guest may remember for many years to come. Imagine walking down the aisle with a lovely fragrance wafting from various blooms that vary in all shapes and sizes. Flowers can really make or break the ambience that you want to achieve.

On the other hand, flowers can count towards a big part of your budget and you may be wondering if there are alternative options for fresh wedding flowers?

Well, the good news is there are! It’s whether or not they will provide you with the same vision you have for your big day. In this article, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of using fresh flowers, Artificial Flowers and Dried & Preserved flowers. which are broken into 2 groups – silk flowers, and plastic flowers.


Fresh Flowers


Perth Weddings -Pros and Cons of Artificial Flowers vs fresh


PROS: Nothing beats the appearance and the scent of fresh flowers.

So the first place to start is normally most peoples first choice, Fresh Flowers. The aroma of the seasonal blooms has a magical effect on our senses that makes the ambience more magical.

What’s great is if you opt to use flowers that are in season this can greatly impact the overall cost of your quote.  

A florist taking care of your flowers and making your day beautiful could also reduce the stress of planning and hassle. They are professionals and know how to arrange and take care of the flower designs. Moreover, you could look at your wedding photos in the future and still be in awe at how attractive fresh flowers were.

CONS: Cost Varies and Triggers Allergies

Having real flowers on your wedding day can but fairly heavy on the budget if you have a large wedding and premium requirements. Also if you are after very specific flowers which may or may not be in season then quotes can be impacted due to the sourcing and shipping of the exotic blooms.

Aside from the price, real blooms can trigger allergies for you or your guests if anyone is super sensitive. Something to consider.

Tips when ordering Fresh Flowers for Your Wedding

  1. Trust your florist with their recommendations and don’t be afraid to share your budget and discuss the options with them
  2. Choose seasonal blooms if you want to keep the budget low. You can check with your florist what flowers are an option during your wedding month if you want to visualise what your options are.
  3. You could opt to make your own designs with fresh flowers however due to the cost of fresh flowers and the need to make the arrangements on the day it may be more hassle and stress than worth.
  4. Provide your florist with some images and ideas of what you want to achieve so you can coordinate the right style for your day.


Silk Artificial Flowers

silk artificial flowers - Pros and Cons of Artificial Flowers


Silk and plastic flowers are often grouped under “Artificial flowers” but are fairly different in quality. Our focus here for weddings is on Silk flowers.

PROS: Mementos and Resemble Real Ones

If you like DIY projects, maybe artificial flowers s are for you! These artificial flowers don’t really need a florist to keep them fresh so you can control the aesthetics of your faux flowers.

Using plastic flowers gives you options to craft bold and unique designs and go beyond what a real bloom offers. If you are ready to DIY and source some plastic designs or make your own, it definitely is the cheapest option.

However, if you want something elegant which still looks as real as possible you can opt for silk flowers. These days, silk is a great option for those with allergies or who need to travel a long way with their own flowers.

These silk flowers are the best durable and longer-lasting alternative to fresh flowers and could also be re-used for later purposes.  You could keep them as a memento or give them to your guest’s post-wedding.

CONS: Unscented and Expensive

Before you jump into the silk flowers bandwagon, you must first consider the cost of the flowers and the amount you need. Sometimes silk flowers can end up costlier than fresh wedding flowers because you purchase them by the stem, why? If you are sourcing good quality silk flowers, think about the time and effort that goes into trying to replicate a flower to look lifelike and each stem is handcrafted. 

Silk flowers also don’t have the scent of fresh flowers. You can perfume them but it may not capture the same fresh bloom aroma as the real deal.

Tips for ordering Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding
  1. Make sure to plan your designs before sourcing your artificial plastic flowers. First, the design and then you know what you need to shop for.
  2. Check out a few different places and products before making decisions. There are a wide variety of plastic flowers on the market, some better quality than others and the prices can vary.
  3. Some florists offer silk bouquets for various occasions if you’re not big on doing DIYs. 
  4. Always think of the quality and price when buying silk flowers. These can quickly outweigh the cost of fresh flowers if you are not careful or the quality could be the same as plastic.
  5. You could find materials in a local craft shop and Youtube some DIY videos to make them yourself. It is a fun activity for you and your bridal party and makes the arrangements little more personal.

Preserved & Dried Flowers

Pros and Cons of Artificial Flowers vs dried flowers


Dried & Preserved flowers and products are very on-trend and perfect for a boho style wedding. They can provide a lot of texture and rustic elements to a wedding. It’s very common to have a combination of fresh and dried flowers at a wedding design. The fresh add the soft touches like the roses whereas palms and pampas are very textural and full of shape.

If you are planning to do DIY you can source some of your own dried flowers and products simply from local residents or dry out some palm leaves. Some items are accessible to you if you know where to go. However, keep in mind the quality is never as good as what a florist will use. Florists source and use hand-selected dried & treated products and will make sure there are no bugs or issues which will upset the ecosystem or the bride. 

Side note – we once had a Bride source her own pampas, drop it off to us and it was full of cockroaches so we were unable to use it!


Dried flowers and products are not ‘cheap’ to source professionally. They are about as expensive or more than silk flowers because once they are cut fresh, they are then treated and stored to make sure the process is successful. this can take weeks which adds to labour and keep. Things like mould and discolouration and damage can ruin a product if not don’t properly.

Bleached, dyed and preserved flowers fall commonly under the same umbrella as dried but in fact, they are different. These products are even more delicate and expensive because hey undergo more processing and care to ensure you have a beautiful and sustainable product at the end.

So having a full dried/preserved wedding can be costly but the good news is there are some tips to make it easier on the budget.

Tips for Using Dried & Preserved Flowers in Your Wedding
  1. Some florists offer the option for dried & preserved designs at a ‘hire price’, which means they are returned after the event. This can save you some money and you still get to enjoy the beauty of these works on the day and in your photos. Items such as bouquets, however, will be paid for in full but you get to keep these as ongoing everlasting bouquets.
  2. Mixing dried products with fresh flowers can also reduce costs so to eliminate preserved products which is the most premium.

Nothing can ever beat real flowers at a wedding, in terms of engaging the senses. However, there are some beautiful artificial flowers that you can choose if you’re struggling with your budget or worried about weather and allergies. The trick is to hunt around, get some quotes and ideas before making the final decision.

Good Luck!