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Booking Terms


Estimates are valid for 2 weeks. Price and date are secured upon acceptance and deposit payment.


If you intend to make any adjustments to your floral design, please inform us via email at contact@bohobloom.com.au 3 months before the wedding date. 

In the event of required changes to your order whether its the colour, style or items, it may be subject to requoting and increased costs.

In the event that a modification results in reduced costs, we may reduce your overall Fees by a maximum of 10%, provided you still meet the Minimum Spend requirement. Please note that reductions exceeding 10% will not be accommodated.


Small changes can be made up to 6 weeks before the wedding. After this date, no further modifications or alterations can be made to your Booking.


We’re committed to quality and local businesses. Our flowers are sourced from selected local suppliers, subject to seasonal availability. While we can’t guarantee specific types, we’ll do our best to match your vision.



By booking Boho Blooms for your event, you agree to only use our florist and floral service for your event exclusively. We do not allow multiple floral vendors/products/DIY unless discussed and agreed upon due to the risk of damage to our reputation and quality control of our services. 


Delivery fees are location-dependent and quoted per order. Additional charges apply for areas over 25 km from Perth or large orders. This includes event deliveries and weddings.


Parking must be provided for us. If not, parking fees will be invoiced. Inform us of parking details for timely arrival. Travel fees may apply.


For collection orders or deliveries, you are required to provide the name and contact of a representative who will be present for the exchange. Risk transfers on delivery.


We do our best to provide the decor provided in our styling list and as discussed on consult. At times we may need to make substitutions based on what’s available at the time of your event. During the course of use we replace and update items because of loss/breakage and wear.


We are not responsible for placement or security of styling items at the venue which are not provided by boho blooms, unless agreed upon in advance.

If you are providing your own vases, ensure vases are watertight. And suitable sizes to meet what has been ordered.

If using your own arch or structure self made or not by a reputable furniture company/venue, ensure to anchor securely for all weather conditions. We will not be liable for any damage or if the structure is not suitable for our work to be used. We will adjust as we see fit for safety and quality of work. Please be aware flowers can be heavy.


You permit us to photograph and/or video the events and use the photographs for marketing and information purposes, or publications exhibitions and professional awards. This includes, but is not limited to social media, brochures, websites, Pinterest, advertising, magazine submissions and other publications related to self-promotion and marketing. 

We will not publish any photos until after the Event has begun. 


We reserve the right to decline the provision of Services to you or anyone else, at our discretion and for any cause, at any given time. Specifically, if there is a breach of this Agreement, we may promptly decline to provide the Services. Furthermore, we retain the option to cease offering our Services


Boho Blooms has an active Public liability Insurance policy as well as Transportation Insurance in the event of an accident or damage while on site or traveling to.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, we shall not be held responsible for any Loss or Damage resulting from your use of the Services. This includes, but is not limited to, inaccuracies or omissions in website content, alterations in pricing, discontinuation of services, deviations from agreed-upon completion times, inability to complete work due to lack of permission, Venue-related issues, or any defects in décor provided by you. To the extent permitted by applicable law, our liability under the Australian Consumer Law will be limited, at our discretion, to either:

  • Providing equivalent products and/or services; or
  • Refunding the cost of the products and/or services. 

Under no circumstances will our liability to you exceed the total amount paid by you to us.

You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any Claims arising from or related to your violation of this Agreement, including instances where you provide inaccurate information.


In the event of a Force Majeure Event, we will not be deemed in violation of this Agreement if our duties cannot be fulfilled due to such an occurrence.  We shall not bear any responsibility towards you for any kind of Loss or Damage resulting from or associated with a Force Majeure Event. This encompasses any liability pertaining to severe weather conditions causing flowers to endure extreme temperatures or high winds. You will still be accountable for the Booking Fee and any costs equivalent to the procurement of flowers or materials necessary to fulfill our obligations under this Agreement until the occurrence of the Force Majeure Event.



If you need to cancel a Booking, please notify us at contac@bohoblooms.com.au as early as possible. If you provide more than 90 days’ notice, additional payments made beyond the Booking Fee may be eligible for a refund. However, any cancellations after the Final Payment Date will result in the full Fee being charged, as we will have already procured the necessary supplies and conducted the required work. Please note that the Booking Fee remains non-refundable.

In the event that we must cancel your Booking, even after the Final Payment Date, a refund will be issued, and we will make every effort to notify you as soon as possible. Additionally, we will endeavor to assist you in finding an alternative supplier. 

We encourage postponing where possible and before 6 weeks to avoid any loss of money. We will do our best to accommodate a new date and transfer the budget to the new date.



Bookings are accepted up to 12 months before the event. A 20% deposit is required to secure your date. 

Final payments are due 6 weeks before the event.

Contact Info ABN: 31955193831 Phone: 040885110
Email: contact@bohoblooms.com.au
Website: www.bohoblooms.com.au