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How to pin a buttonhole - Perth Weddings

How to pin a buttonhole – Perth Weddings

If you have never pinned a buttonhole before, I suggest you watch the video and ready this artle well before your wedding day. There is nothing worse than having a bunch of buttonholes handed to you on the wedding day and having to work out how to pin them to your lapel when you are full-on nerves. Not only that, your bridal party will be asking you how too!

Below is a video of a quick easy way to pin them and also a run down below via images if the video isn’t clear enough 🙂

You can even practice before the day with a collar and rolling up some fabric to pin.


How to pin a buttonhole - position

The buttonhole should be placed on the left lapel. The buttonhole should be slightly lower than the tie, but above the pocket.


How to pin a buttonhole - wrap it like a taco

After you’ve correctly positioned the buttonhole, fold over the fabric around the buttonhole like a taco. This should allow you to see the back of the fabric.


There are 2 options to choose from:
OPTION 1: Slide a Needle Downward
Pin a boutonniere - Pin direction option 1

Insert the needle downward at a very slight angle on the back through the lapel catching the buttonhole on the way down. Make sure the pin goes through the buttonhole stem. It does not to come through back again but rather into the stem of the buttonhole.

 It’s important to insert the pin on a downward angle to ensure that the boutonniere stays in place and no pin ends are exposed or come through the other end of the stem.

Add a second pin for more stability. 

OPTION 2: Slide The Needle on an Angle 

Pin a boutonniere - Direction on pin option 2

You can also follow step 1 & 2 then insert the pin pushing up from the bottom. 

You want to go through the jacket, through the stem/twine, and back through the jacket, all in a 45-degree line.