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Beauty in Bloom – So BoHo

It’s difficult to think of anything on earth more glorious than bunches of beautiful flowers. Flowers are a gracious gift from Mother Nature. It is difficult to think of a man-made decoration that is comparable to her standard of perfection. We photograph flowers, make artificial flowers and artists manage to capture the splendour of a vase filled with blooms, in paintings. Yet nothing beats the real thing; a gift of freshly cut, beautiful flowers.

The fragrant smell of delicate, fresh, floral perfumes are heady;  our man-made reproductions come close but do not compare.

Flowers are alive, they require nutrients and water, they turn their heads to the sun,  like other living things flowers respond to love and care. Flowers come in a limitless abundance of colours and shapes and today’s florists are spoilt for choice when creating bouquets and arrangements in trendy and personalised styles. In the nineties, flower arranging was all about structure and form –an architectural take on flower design. Ikebana designs of the day come to mind, designs in floristry have thankfully moved on.

Nowadays there is a preference for natural ‘freshly picked’ looking arrangements.

The BOHO look is what it’s all about, it’s ‘So BoHo’.