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4 Flower Styles for a Winter Wedding

There’s something about a winter wedding that appeals to Australian brides. Aside from maybe saving a bit on venue costs in the “off-season”, it also means no sweltering hot days and a cosier vibe.

There are no wrongs or rights when it comes to your flower design ideas. Whether you go cooler winter colours and tones such as white and greys or earthy greenery and rustic brown, it’s your wedding day and your vision.

However, to give you some inspiration of styles and flowers that work well in this season, here are my selected wedding flower styles for you to consider for your winter wedding:

Style: Wild & Boho

If you are getting married outdoors or in a rustic setting (a Jarrah forest or farmstead) then this style will tie in perfectly with your winter wedding.

Wild and Boho has elements of unstructured angles and soft charm. The idea is to bring the textures from the outdoors and surroundings and mix it into your boho wedding designs.

This is a very popular trend right now which includes anything from dried leaves and foliage to earthy green vines and moss (Yes moss!). In winter Perth embraces both the dried elements of our country as well as lush from our winter rains.


You can combine natural and dark tones with pops of warm earthy colours like oranges or reds.  

This style can mix-and-match warm and cool tones to spice up any winter wedding.

Suggested Flowers/foliage:

Florists love to use willow tree branches, lotus pods and dried artichokes in wild boho designs. And placing these rustic items opposite to soft roses and Japanese peonies for a delicate vibe gives that mix of textures.

Style: Modern White Wedding

Lovel Wildly Photographer Dunsborough Weddings

If you are having a winter wedding, surrounding your guests with an all-white pallet can be magical and make you the focus! What’s more is that no matter the time of year, there are always a large selection of white flowers and matching foliage to select from making it also budget-friendly.

Now, just because it is timeless and classic, doesn’t mean it can’t be modern too. For example, it is very popular to have either unstructured bouquets or Asymmetrical arrangements for your wedding giving your flower designs some ’edge’. 

Think different levels, and different textures vs large statement flower which needs no more than themselves to make an impact. Now picture this all in crisp white and tones of green for support.

NOTHING boring about that, I say!


White, earthy greens or grey and sage.

Suggested Flowers/foliage:  

You could opt for an unstructured bouquet using all one type of flower such as imported Japanese peonies with some foliage such as ferns, ivy, magnolia leaves

You may love the idea of a large unstructured bouquet of chunky Icebreaker roses in full bloom to make a statement. If roses are not for you there is a large variety of white blooms to choose from to create a mixed unstructured design

A cascading white and green bouquet using orchids, roses and foliage is popular.

And finally, if you want to add an ‘icy touch’ to your white wedding, you can swap out earthy greens for cool grey colours using smoke bush or eucalyptus.

Style: Bold & Vibrant

Keegan Wong Photographer

If not multicolour go for a combination of a selected bright tone accented with some muted tones such as bright red and purple with earthy greens and browns.

You can even opt for some metallic-painted foliage such as leaves, pods or berries to add some shine. This is a very popular trend and lends itself well with vibrant themes.


Purple, red, orange, magenta are just to name a few popular colours.

Suggested Flowers/foliage:

Bold red roses paired with silver-dollar eucalyptus and chrysanthemum to create that awe-inspiring wedding bouquet.

Stock flowers are a popular filler and add texture, height with its unique shape. Oh, and let’s not forget the smell! You will love the fragrance] from this bloom. They come in bright or pastel colours so you can use them to either compliment the other flowers or add pops of bright tones too.

Other smaller flowers which bring bright colours to winter are carnations. They are generally in season all year and can add joyful textural petals and colour to any design.

Style: Going Native

There is no doubt, that native wedding flowers are right on trend. The connection Brides have to their home, plus the magnificent array of warm colours, shapes, textures and design elements they provide are breathtaking. Even us florists can’t get enough of them!

So for a winter wedding, these are great because they are hardy and last the day despite the weather.


Burgundy, dark pink and red hues, pinks sage green

Suggested Flowers/foliage:

Proteas are a must-have if you are going “native’,

The Queen Anne’s lace lives to its name because of its regal appeal. This is a filler bloom with a lace-like pattern that looks perfect paired with the bridal dress. It comes in slightly muted tones aside from white it offers a deep pink or purple option depending on availability.

The dark red hue of the kangaroo paw is the perfect accent flower. Berries and seeded eucalyptus are popular as an addition to bridal bouquets. The varying colours and hues can give the wedding flower designs a native look.

Final Things to Consider

When discussing your wedding flower style with your florist make sure you check with your florist that they are available or can be sourced if you have something specific in mind.

Flowers in general flower in spring and summer, this is nature. So be aware that most flowers during winter will be imported or come from supplier farms which can grow them regardless of the season.

So Wedding Flowers are not always cheaper in winter, unlike other areas you can save like the venue costs. However, let your florist know what your budget is so they can suggest what the best options are. There are so many ways you can save if you are flexible!

Most importantly, select a style that represents you and your partner. You can find inspiration everywhere from online resources like Pinterest and Instagram to attention wedding expos and showcases.